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What happened? How did you get here? Do you really need our wine this badly? It's time to admit you do. You love us. You lurve us. Don't worry tho, it's mutual.

This is our BEST Club (The people in the All Red Club don't know what they're missing.) Twice a year we send you a 6 bottle mix of everything we're selling, at a 20% discount. Besides the main contenders we all dig, you'll get access to our teensy tiny production wines that are only sold in the Tasting Room. You'll also get first shot at Limited Release Library Wines & Large Format Bottles. And when you're able to swing into the Downtown Napa Tasting Room, you +1 taste for free (you know like, a couple times a year, not twice a week you lush.) And though it may not seem like the biggest bonus, you also get to buy bottles (even with your 20% discount!) on Saturday nights (we're open til 11pm!) while all the non-clubbies shell out beaucoup bucks by the glass. Trust me, that's awesome. That's like a $5 glass of Rosé on a Saturday night in Napa...

So WELCOME to the Family!!!
...I see how that might sound like we're gonna ask you to wack a guy... we're not. We're probably not.

All the great wines from the good ole "regular" Wine Club minus the excellent white wines. But we get it, you're only into Reds... and we have a Club for that.

There are 2 shipments annually (Available for pick-up if you're in Napa!) that go out in March and October. We select 6 bottles from our current vintages and get them to you at a 20% discount. You'll also get access to scheduled Limited Library Releases and Large Format Bottles. Wait, it gets better, you get 20% off of cool G&M merchandise, and free tastings for you +1 whenever you're able to pop in to the Downtown Napa Tasting Room (unless you're a lush, we'll start charging you if you turn the place into a bar.) You also get the ability to buy a bottle on Saturday Nights (we're open til 11pm!) unlike the suckers buying (slightly) pricier glasses one-at-a-time.

Welcome to the family! When/if we ever have a softball picnic you'll be on the RED team :)

Oh man, this is the BIG CLUB... a case, twice a year- same shipping dates, same discount as the other 2 clubs. Besides the obvious preferential treatment at G&M, (and presumably around the world) The only real difference is that we'll* go to breakfast with you when you visit us in Napa** 
(I realize this has nothing to do with the movie... but whatever, we're past that now. We're through the looking glass here- we're talking about breakfast, the most important meal of the day)

It might be coffee and donuts at the Winery.
It might be scrambled eggs and mimosas at the Tasting Room.
It might be a magazine-shoot worthy buffet of breakfast delicacies at a fancy-schmancy Napa restaurant.
The one thing it'll definitely be is fun.

*Either Gabe or I, or if the stars align, both of us. 
** If we can swing it, 30 minutes notice is enough- but to guarantee it goes down, we'll need a couple weeks notice :)

Added by popular demand... the ALL REDSKI BREAKFAST CLUBBO!
Some of you need it to be all red all the time and we hear you!