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Entanglement #5

Entanglement #5
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So, this is just the first date with this wine. There are stories galore. There are so many tales and details to tell. But this is just the first date. This is all you get- here- today. Order it. Take it on a second date- see if there's any chemistry.

So, you seem nice- I like your dress- A little about me? 

Well I was formerly a time travel wine for space picnics, but now I'm more of a Schrodinger's cat thought experiment about the infinite possibilities of wine and how it's consumed. I have 2 different bottle designs- One with the duck right-side-up, and one with the duck upside-down. It's the same wine inside. Oh the wine- Yeah it's great- I'm the only Red Blend G&M do. I'm multiple vintage, multiple vineyard Cabernet Franc. Originally the lack of information on my bottle was intended to take away your unconscious expectations of me (this is getting weird, weirder). The NEW different bottle designs are all about quantum entanglement... and there's a lot to unpack there. There's 100 of each design. When you order, the design you get is completely randomized. Could be upside down or not. But there's equal amounts of different ducks. So whatever you got, somebody somewhere got it's mate. Also the cosmos won't know the link until you open me and somewhere, maybe next door, maybe in Bangladesh, someone at a spooky distance opens the opposite. Though you won't know it, you'll be having a shared experience with that unknown person. But this is just a snapshot of my complexity and I could ramble on like this for hours.

So tell me about you.

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